Acceptance of abstracts is opened in the ХІІІ ISPC "The global problems of economy and finance"





ХІІІ International Scientific and Practical Conference

«Global Issues of Economy and Finance»

(Kyiv — Prague — Vienna)

November 30, 2018

The aim of the conference in to discuss and find solutions of problems of modern economy, to establish contacts between young scientists from different countries, to exchange by research experience and publication of research results.

For participation in conference are invited: graduate students, doctoral candidates, competitors, students, teachers, scientists.

Sections of the conference
Section 1. PR, advertising and marketing.
Section 13. The development of productive forces and regional economic integration.
Section 2. Banking.
Section 14. Statistics.
Section 3. The accounting, analysis and auditing.
Section 15. Trade and supply chain.

Section 4. Demography, labour economics and human resource management.

Section 16. Change management.

Section 5. Investments and innovation.

Section 17. Finances, money and credit, insurance and exchange business.
Section 6. Logistics.
Section 18. Pricing.
Section 7. Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in economy.
Section 19. Economic Security.
Section 8. International Economics.
Section 20. Economic Cybernetics.
Section 9. Management and governance.
Section 21. Economy environment.
Section 10. Tax policy.
Section 22. Management and Quality Management.
Section 11. Problems of macroeconomy.
Section 23. Economic theory and history of economic thought.
Section 12. Problems of microeconomy.

Official languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish, French.

Form of participation in conference: remote, by discussion of articles on the website of the International Scientific Journal «Internauka».

Following the results of carrying out conference all scientific practices will be published in the book of abstracts (with the support of colleagues from the City of Vienna). The collections will be assigned the UDC, BBK, and copyright marks, as well as the digital identifier DOI. Materials will be placed on the website of the International Scientific Journal «Internauka» and of Scientific electronic library the RSCI bibliographic base).

Schedule of the conference
Date of the event November 30, 2018
Deadline of receiving materials November 30, 2018
The publication of materials on the official website of the
Publishing house «Internauka»
Till December 7, 2018
Mailing of pdf-version of conference materials and
Till December 25, 2018
Mailing of the printed version of collections and certificates Till January 10, 2019
Placement of materials in RISC Till February 28, 2019

Most abstracts (at the discretion of the chief editor) can be placed in the International Scientific Journal «Internauka».

To each author it will be sent PDF version of the abstract and a certificate of the participant of the European conference (in electronic form). Authors have an opportunity to order a printed copy of the magazine, thus the certificate of the conferee will be sent free of charge.